About Carolina Koomans?


Dorpsweg 2
9755 PC Onnen
Mobile. 0616706847

“Growing is not becoming bigger, but becoming aware of your greatness”


Organisation coach

I coach teams and managers to enhance their performance. From my experience as an HR manager I know the demands facing today’s teams and individual employees to continue to develop and evolve with the rapid changes.

In many organisations a pattern develops where teams and groups mainly protect their relations, which makes it difficult to give each other feedback and shifts the focus on results to the background. My coaching focusses on improving the level of team cooperation and going back to working together in a professional and result-oriented manner. By holding up a mirror to the team and asking them whether the current way of working contributes to their own goals and the intentions of the organisation, the goal becomes the focus again. The teams are going to feel more accountable for that goal and will learn to work together in a pleasant result-oriented manner.

Education background

  • History, University of Groningen
  • Personnel & Labour, Hanzehogeschool Groningen
  • stewardess bij Transavia en KLM tijdens studie
  • Senior Coach, School for Coaching
  • Masterly Team Coaching, Breinkorf
  • Image Styling, Nelleke Mulder
  • Strategic Advisement; AOG
  • Solution-Oriented Advising, Solvitas

Individual coaching

Personal leadership is about developing yourself in work and life. Knowing who you are and what gives you energy! Setting your course and following through. I help people discover their potential to take that next step forward. We search for handles for the themes that everyone faces, and that have the habit of resurfacing in times of stress or fatigue. To this end I use the TTI SI-behaviour analysis, Transactional analysis, Solution-oriented work and daily in-practice exercises. I work in short, intensive phases. There is reflection, confrontation, experimentation, and laughter!

Image consulting

I am also an image consultant. How to be your best self on the outside as well as on the inside. When your inner and outer self are in sync, trust and connection grow! By giving tips on colour and styling, I help you bring out the best in you!

I combine my work at Groningen Coaching Group with my job as a HR manager at RTV Noord.