Talent assessment / Individu of team

Assessment is indispensable in current HR practices. CGG develops tailor-made programmes to fit your recruiting, development or career queries. Prior to an assessment, there is an intake interview to clearly define the position, the context and the critical success factors.

In our view, reflection is an important ingredient for professional development. This is often a natural process which happens automatically. Sometimes reflection needs an extra boost, and it is useful to have someone else with an unbiased, open mind looking at your personality and behaviour in specific situations. Objective and yet, involved.

On average a talent assessment takes half a day. It consists of an interview with the psychologist, a behavioural simulation in the form of a role play or practice session, and a final report. In addition, there are Quick Scans possible for talent analysis at the individual and team level. The tests and questionnaires will be taken in advance as an e-assessment. This is easy and efficient for both the participant and the organisation.

From our extensive experience we know what is going on in your field. This way we are effectively able to retrieve important information which both the participant and organisation can use to further build on a clear and future-oriented development advice. We challenge you to translate talent into added value in the workplace, sometimes crossing function boundaries. The focus is on talent and growth!