Reflecting together on the shape of your career and your personal development.

Individual Coaching

CGG offers coaching to managers and professionals working in business, healthcare, education, or within the SME sector. In short, to anyone who is open to reflection on his/her own functioning.


In a “safe environment” you can talk to a neutral sparring partner about matters that are important to you. We will give you concrete tips and exercises to respond more effectively to the circumstances you encounter. The following topics may be addressed:

  • personal effectiveness
  • dealing with conflicts of interest and power relations
  • managing and directing others
  • performance pressure associated with schooling, Ph.D. track or tenure track

Dramatic events

Sometimes you are confronted with unexpected events that deeply affect your working life. Problems with patients, clients or students. Threats or accidents at work. Complaints and disciplinary cases. The death of a colleague or a loved one. Sometimes this can lead to symptoms that persist for a long time. We like to analyse the situation with you and take steps towards processing. If required, we can also use EMDR. Agaath Brink and Evelien Engwirda are certified to use this method.

Would you like more information?

Would you like more information about the possibilities and options? Please contact us. We can also provide you with more information on fees, depending on the assessed course of action.

Costs and expenses

Our coaching is usually paid for by the employer. Sometimes the employee’s personal budget is used. If this is not the case, we will look into possible alternatives in consultation.