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Coaching: practical, personal, and skilled

Coaching is about jointly reflecting on you and your work. Defining your situation and your work. Searching for what can be improved. Recognising your strengths and your pitfalls. Leaving behind disappointments, adjusting expectations, and sometimes putting everything in perspective with a smile. Reflecting helps you recognise patterns of stress and strain. You’ll start listening to yourself better and take control again. Experimenting with new behaviour. Searching in your work and private life for what gives energy instead of what consumes energy.

I am committed to searching for your strengths and your resilience. Here, I put my experience as a clinical psychologist to use. For instance, we work with cognitive therapy to change strategies that are not effective. Sometimes mindfulness helps to create some distance and experience relaxation. EMDR is often helpful for people with low self-esteem or obstructing or traumatic experiences. In addition to the coaching sessions I work with interim e-mail contact and homework assignments. I send you articles from (hands-on) experts that provide recognition and insight.

Furthermore, there is room for deepening: where do you stand in work and in life? Where do you come from and what has shaped you? What are your life’s principles, your implicit and explicit demands and expectations? How do you interact with colleagues and with the people who supervise you, and who you supervise? Coaching offers you the opportunity to stop racing, take a pause and explore new paths. Is there a balance between private life and work? Do you wish to continue with this job, do you need to move on? Are you open to choices or do you avoid choices?

Brief and to the point

I ask a lot of questions and help you ask yourself questions. Which steps are needed to get closer to your goals? This way, we’ll make great strides in brief encounters. It may surprise people how different the situation can feel after five to ten sessions. They come to view themselves and their work differently. They gain insight and energy, which leads to finding their resilience.

George Eliot sums it up nicely: “It is never too late to be what you might have been…”

Education background / work experience

  • Health care psychologist, BIG registered
  • Clinical psychologist/psychotherapist np
  • Cognitive behavioural therapist
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapist
  • EMDR practitioner
  • Psychotherapist at Institute for Psychotrauma (IVP)
  • Psychotherapist at PsyQ Psychotrauma
  • Work-related therapist (PsyQ Business / Centre for Work and Psyche)
  • CGG is registered as Achmea-Livvit coach group
  • Co-founder of CGG (2008)
  • Coaching is also available in Dutch