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If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”

— Abraham Maslow

Individual coaching

With coaching, together we look at work content, environment, and the method of working. This calls for reflection on what you want to offer the organisation, how you can remain being yourself, and how you can hold your own in a demanding and often competitive environment. Which qualities do you possess? How do you position yourself? Which career steps can and will make you? How do you keep a healthy balance between work and private life? How do you deal with power? What are your life’s ambitions, and how do you get out of life what you want?

I offer you coaching with the depth that is right for you. Result-oriented, professional, practical, at times confrontational, and always respectful and with a smile. My background as a labour and organisation psychologist and health care psychologist and more than 30 years’ experience in corporate life, consultancy and coaching provided me a wide array of tools, including cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR. And of course (diagnostic) expertise and experience.

After the coaching, you’ll discover new ways to deal with existing situations. You will have learned new skills and learned to think differently. Also, you will have reflected on your personality, your working environment, your career and life, and you will have considered alternatives, helping you see new perspectives to move forward in a healthy and energetic way.

Education background / work experience

  • Labour and Organisational Psychology (University of Amsterdam) and Health Care Psychology (University of Groningen)
  • psychologist and BIGregistered as Psy.D.
  • flight attendant at Transavia and KLM while attending university
  • HRM in several positions at Shell
  • consultant at Psychotechnology-SHL and Berenschot in Utrecht
  • Training workshop: Train the trainer, KSG Berenschot
  • ITIPTraining workshop, instrument for help
  • EMDR practitioner
  • Solution-oriented, coaching, RINO, Amsterdam
  • CSR training stress prevention and intervention
  • ITIPEnergetic work training
  • Hellinger Institute; System Dynamics in organisations
  • Co-founder of Coaching Group Groningen


Coaching Group Groningen registered as Achmea-Livvit coach group. Our work will be partially reimbursed under the Livvit package.

Coaching at every stage

Personal development is a life-long process. At the start of a new position, other issues are at play than at a later time. You still need to get settled. You learn every aspect of the organisation and discover ‘how things are run’ and what is expected of you. Later, as the responsibilities both at work and home increase, there are other choices to make. How do you stay healthy, energetic and committed to utilise and develop your skills?
Also winding down your career towards retirement is a special phase in working life. Reflection on the results and career goals achieved (and not achieved), scaling down, letting go, and transferring knowledge and experience to the next generation and staying healthy and fit throughout, takes its toll. Just like thinking about ageing and ‘life after work’.

People often call on me for coaching at various phases in their career. This is because for some a ‘sounding board from the outside’ can be necessary at that moment and/or seen as a ‘gift to themselves’ to take some time off to reflect and recharge the batteries.

Analysis, sounding board, and advice

Medical specialists, scientists, managers, self-employed and others often cannot exchange ideas with their managers and colleagues about the problems they encounter in their work. For some, I have been a sparring partner who they consult with regularly in the course of many years.

Teams, work units and departments ask me to analyse team issues. On the basis of (individual) confidential conversations, I function as a sounding board and give objective advice.