Wie is Dicky Tamminga ?

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Be not afraid of going slowly;
be only afraid of standing still

— Chinese proverb

Having a conversation…

For me, it is very satisfying to walk along part of another person’s journey. Usually figuratively, sometimes literally. The focus of the conversation is on leadership and taking charge. Showing leadership is what people do throughout the day: for themselves and for others. It often goes well; sometimes though it falters. This is certainly true in demanding situations, when the role is new or when the context differs from before. When you are ready to face your situation, I will walk with you. To hear your motivations, expand your horizons and provide new things. To let you effectively retake the lead.
Sometimes it requires looking more explicitly at your development, your roots and ingrained patterns. Examining this process together brings insights to charting a different path, tackling a complex issue, entering the political arena, clarifying your dreams and ambitions, or taking the next step in your career.
My experience as a manager and consultant strengthens my role as a conversation partner. I know what it is like to be responsible for a department and how such a role demands you to provide guidance. I am also familiar with situations where guidance is given from an advisory position or personal influence. It is my aim that you acquire pointers and insights through our conversations regarding how to deal with the unchangeable and implement the changeable.

Job satisfaction

You finding more rest, fulfilment, enjoyment and satisfaction in your work is the main thing we work on. That means reflecting on your examples and questions during our conversations and working on smaller and larger tasks in between. It may also be helpful to make notes of what you experience as a result of the coaching. Everyone learns differently, and therefore together we will decide on an individual approach.
In addition to coaching, I am also available for team guidance or consultancy. The method is nearly the same as in coaching; after an intake interview and clarification of the questions, I will come up with a suitable proposal. Elsewhere on this website, you will find more information about the possibilities.
If the above leaves you with any questions, simply send an email to
and I will contact you.

Who is Dicky?

  • Experienced coach, consultant, manager, HR professional, and program leader.
  • Gained work experience in higher education after her academics in social sciences.
  • A regular guest in other organizations such as small start-ups, a hospital, a municipality, and professional service providers through professional networks.
  • Trained as a trainer, systemic consultant, and coach. MBTI certified.
  • Adept in designing learning paths for executives and directors, also internationally.
  • Vast experience in the field of personal effectiveness, organisational development, as an advisor for critical issues and a supervisor of working conferences.
  • Lives in the city of Groningen with her husband, has two adult children and perhaps has learned the most from the mirror that they hold up to her.
  • In addition to her work, she’s a supervisor and board member at ‘Behind the Rainbow’, a foundation dedicated to peer support for children who have experienced the death of a parent or relative.