GENERAL PAYMENT CONDITIONS Dutch Association of Psychologists 
This web page contains a representation of the general payment terms of NIP, the organisation for professional psychologists. We work with these general terms and conditions
General payment terms NIP
1. These general payment terms and conditions apply to all examination and treatment agreements, both verbally and in writing, entered into between the psychologist and the client. (Psychologist means the person who has passed a doctoral examination in psychology or the person who is registered as a health care psychologist in the BIG register of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.)
2. All fees, expenses and other reimbursements declared by the psychologist must be paid within thirty days of the date of dispatch of the invoice. The client cannot refrain from payment based on off-setting claims or deferments.
3. If the client has not paid the amount due within the payment term or if no payment is received within ten days after the act referred to under 3, the client shall be in default without a further summons or notice of default being required. In that case, the client shall owe the legal interest on the outstanding amount to the psychologist as long as he/she remains in default of fulfilling his/her obligations.
4. In the case referred to under 4 above, the psychologist is entitled to immediately collect the claim or to entrusting a third party to do so. All judicial and extrajudicial costs related to the collection of the amounts declared shall be borne by the client. The extra judicial costs are set at a minimum of fifteen percent of the amount to be claimed, with a minimum of EUR 113.45.

Filed at the registry of the District Court of Amsterdam on 28 August 2000 under deposit number 117/2000.